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Citrine Note

Magical Girl Lucky Bags ・゚☆✧

Magical Girl Lucky Bags ・゚☆✧

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A Lucky Bag full of super cute items!

Comes in a cute gift bag filled with fanart items featuring characters from various magical girl series: (Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Bee & Puppycat, Madoka, Princess Peach) and some sugar candy!

A lovely gift for anyone who likes cute surprises and packaging!

Things that the bag may include:

🌸Stationery Paper / Memo Sheets featuring magical girls

🌸 Washi Tape samples

🌸Character Sticker Sheets

🌸 Magical Girl inspired jewelry

🌸Vinyl Sticker Flakes

🌸 Character Buttons

🌸 Flower Rings and necklaces

🌸 Postcards or Art Prints

🌸Acrylic charms

🌸Plush items

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